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Experience the Imperial Coronation of Holy Roman Emperor Charles V

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Travel to 1530 Bologna to attend the


Coronation: The act or occasion of crowning mass of the Holy Roman Emperor, Charles V, in this virtual reality recreation of San Petronio. The details of the coronation reflect the social and political turmoil of the times; the experience itself recreates the sights and sounds of this religious and political ceremony using


Contemporaneous: Existing, occurring, or originating during the same time
accounts, artwork, and music as source material.

Experience the event from multiple perspectives — that of a member of the imperial papal court, a


Basilica: A Roman Catholic church given ceremonial privileges
official, or a Bolognese citizen. Hear music performed during the ceremony as recorded by Ensemble Origo. Call up scholarly annotations to explore the layers of meaning embedded in the art, architecture, and various ceremonial objects present in the scene.

Charles V|R offers a multi-modal window into this event of world-historical importance for enthusiasts, students, and scholars of art, architecture, history, music, religion, and virtual reality.



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Jonathan Ampiaw
MFA ‘20 Digital Media & Design
Clarissa Ceglio
Greenhouse Studios Associate Director of Research
Shawn Chen
BFA ‘20 Digital Media & Design
Lauren Ciulla
BA ‘20 Digital Media & Design
David Duncan
PhD Candidate, History, UC Santa Cruz
Ryan Freeland
MFA ‘18 Digital Media & Design
Brooke Foti Gemmell
Greenhouse Studios Design Strategist
Eri Lauer
BA ‘20 Digital Media & Design
Tom Lee
Greenhouse Studios Technology Strategist
Jin Liu
MFA ‘23 Digital Media & Design
Daisy Martin
Director, History & Civics Project, UC Santa Cruz
Tim Miller
Greenhouse Studios Mellon Fellow
Alex Mueller
BA ‘22 Digital Media & Design
Rebecca Niland
BA ‘17 Digital Media & Design
Lily Pashapour
BA ‘20 Digital Media & Design
Dan Pejril
Asst. Prof. in-Residence, Digital Media & Design
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Brianna Ricciardone
BA ‘17 Digital Media & Design
Eric Rice
Dept. Head & Professor of Music History
Kenia Rodriguez
PhD '25 English Language & Literature/Letters
Melina Sandel
BFA ‘25 Digital Media & Design
Tom Scheinfeldt
Director of Greenhouse Studios
John Spencer
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Cara Tracey
BFA ‘22 Digital Media & Design
Michael Young
Publishing Services & Humanities Librarian
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